Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are moths really bugging your favorite wool sweaters? You don't have to lose your shirt! Take account of the hole(s) and determine if you can salvage any of the wool. For instance, in the photo you see the remains of a beautiful cashmere sweater. The moth hole was front and center (naturally) thus ruining the sweater. However, by cutting the bottom part of the sweater off and hemming the raw edge, a beautiful neck scarf is created. Adorn with vintage buttons for an added touch or to cover stray holes. You can also use a process called "felting" which is simply shrinking the wool to make a denser material--from this you can make other items such as a handbag. To felt a sweater, simply wash it in warm-hot water and dry it in a clothes dryer on high--this will shrink the wool fibers. The sleeves make great mittens or cut off the arm bands, hem the raw edge and use them as "wrist warmers" for that space in between your coat & gloves. You get to keep your warmth & your cool!


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