Wednesday, October 29, 2008

holiday greens

Check out these cute Christmas trees created from recycled wool (felted) sweaters! To make them, I cut out three elongated triangles--all the same size depending upon the sweater I was using--if you use a sleeve, you can get three long triangles easily. Connect all the triangle together using fabric glue or sewing to form a tree. Embellish with trim, buttons or beads--use your imagination, and stick on top of a tall bottle (like a soda bottle) for reinforcement.
The holidays are such a creative time! What do you have that you could re-create? I'm in the Philadelphia area and so I have a wonderful advantage of finding great trim in the fabric district, but where else can you find great trims--if you can't find vintage? Where does one go to find great accessories for your works of art?
By the way...all my great photos on this blog are taken by my dear photographer, Elizabeth McCormick. She can be reached at Her work is incredible, and I absolutely love how she is able to capture the personality of my children!! Check her out--she is the one to make your holiday photos come alive!!
Speaking of photos & holiday cards...while I love sending them, I always wonder if there is a "paperless" way out there so that we can send our greetings and yet not create more trash--please share your ideas of how you send you tidings and green ideas for holiday cards.


Lisa Gee said...

I use each year's Christmas cards that I receive as next year's tags for gifts. I choose scissors with a decorative edge, punch a hole in the top and use ribbon to attach it to the present. My neices, nephews, and daughters love seeing the tags each year as the pictures I select always have something special for the recipient. A fun and easy way to recycle:)