Friday, October 17, 2008

The first thing people ask about my company is,"Is this about a salad?"

The, but it is good for you!!

"Mixed Greens" is my creative venture at recycling and reusing to "Re-create the World!" Like the variety of colors and textures to a mixed green salad, there are many ways to approach a green life. We have the creative power within our hands to make a positive difference on the planet. My work is what I consider "lime green" which means I try to reuse and recycle instead of always buying something new to fit a purpose--but sometimes I need to add something new when vintage is not available. At MGV blog, I invite you to share your ideas and hopes for your home, garden, entertaining, fashion, family...even if it is a "vintage recipe" that you would love to share!

Imagination is one of my strengths, and the idea of Mixed Greens was started with one little purse that I made from recycling my daughter's favorite jeans...she like me doesn't like to throw things away when there is still potential! It became contagious, and I started making pillows, belts, refinishing old furniture, finding new uses for old things, and having so much fun in the process. Requests starting coming in from others to help revision their homes and to make all kinds of recycled creative pieces with ideas blossoming by the minute! I will share these in this blog from time to time.

Growing up in a huge family (literally 12 lie!), I learned to "make silk purses" from the proverbial "sow's ear." I have been rearranging, reinventing, and re-visioning my world and having so much fun learning what works and what needs tweaking! After much encouragement from my dear friends, I am taking my ideas on the road (a.k.a. the internet superhighway). This work transforms the way I look at life because it challenges me to see the potential beauty in everything. Maybe finding the value in little things will help us see the wonders in each other! I hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Hugs, (because the world needs more of those, too!)