Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keep fashionable even during an economic slump!

Here's an idea to be green with you wardrobe while you're short on "green." How about hosting a girlfriend clothing swap meet. Here' s the idea: Invite your friends for an evening of fun--make sure to have enough to make this work (about 10-15 is good). Each person needs to bring 3-4 (or more if you wish) pieces of gently used clothing that either doesn't fit, isn't their thing anymore, or you just want to get rid of it. Here's the rules:

Now, you can either just do a free for all swap, or if you need it to be more organized...

  1. Each person needs to "price" their items (be reasonable with the prices to keep it fun) as they would for a garage sale--write your name on your tags so you know this is yours.

  2. The hostess is the "banker," and she will give you "play money" (from a board game) for the value of your clothes--this is your money to shop with.

  3. Friends then can shop together through the clothes available. This is fun because you have wonderful "experts" who can tell you what to wear and what not to wear--it's a lot like being back in college. :)

  4. As each person selects the clothing they want, they need to tally up with the banker.

  5. If you want to buy more clothing than you have "play money" to pay, you actually need to pay cash for the outstanding amount--this way no one ends up short-changed in the end.

  6. If clothes are remaining without buyers, the sellers take them home. They give that portion of play money back to the banker (thus "buying" their things back so the banker ends with an even budget at the end of the night).

  7. If all your clothes sold, and you didn't "buy" anything, then you trade your play money with the banker for cash. There should be some cash available because someone is buying up all your stuff. :)

  8. You can alter these rules any way that works based on your group, but the goal is to have fun, rejuvenate our wardrobes and share ideas about fashion without busting the bank!

Ideas for the hostess: Have fun drinks & simple foods, lots of spaces to try on clothes and some mirrors for the changing places. Let me know how it goes; I'm planning mine now! :)