Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, I've done it again...I guess in the spirit of the elections, my red office went blue! (just joking now, let's not go down that road! :)) Seriously, my red office was not working for me--sort of zapping my creative energy--so I took some inspiration from an old vintage globe I have in my office and found this beautiful robin egg blue paint at Sherwin Williams. They have environmentally nice paints, and this one makes my heart sing each time I come into my office...I absolutely love it! Now the exact color is from a discontinued Martha Stewart color fan, but since you are all so nice, I'll let you in on the name/number...just tell them I sent you! :0 The name is "Northern Lights" color number 8263 (Martha Stewart for Sherwin Williams). It has that "Tiffany Blue" feel--what girl doesn't love something from Tiffany's? You can also see in the picture, two cork boards that I revamped. Here's what I did:

You will need an old cork board with a frame.

  1. Cut a piece of batting (like quilt batting or use a piece of an old wool blanket even) to be 3 inches bigger on each side than the cork board.

  2. Next, using a favorite fabric, sheet or vintage table cloth (which is what I used), cut another layer the same size (3 inches larger on each side than the board. What you are going to do is lay the fabric over the batting so this is what you will see on the outside).

  3. First, wrap the batting around the edges of the board and secure to the back of the frame by using a staple gun. This is going to give your board some "cushi-ness" for your push pins.

  4. Next, cover the batting and wrap the fabric around the board, again securing to the back of the frame with a staple gun. Make sure you smooth the corners and the front to make sure it is taut before you staple.

  5. Then, you need strands of ribbons--any size or pattern to match your fabric, and create horizontal and vertical rows so you can slide pictures, papers, etc. It helps to pin these in place so you get them positioned and nice and straight. Turn over the board to the back and secure each strand of ribbon again with a staple gun. You can also go diagonal with your ribbon if you wish.

  6. I finished mine off by sewing buttons at all the points where the ribbons crossed each other. You could also just glue them on with a glue gun or craft glue.

  7. Finally, nail a picture hanger on the back & voila! New life for an old board! And to think, I almost threw these cork boards away because they were so worn out!! :)


Jules said...

thats a great idea especially for kids and college students.....The only thing I don't like is it's tendency to be cluddery. :) You are quite the creative one though.