Friday, December 19, 2008

Creatively we can make Peace!

One of the most popular songs at Christmas time is Silent Night, and yet behind this lovely, moving hymn there's a great takes place in 1818 Austria. The pastor of a parish, Josef Mohr, had a problem. According to legend, mice had chewed holes in the bellows of the organ, and he desperately wanted there to be music for the Christmas Eve Vigil. He spoke to the organist, Franz Gruber, about a poem he had written, and he asked Mr. Gruber if he could write a melody for guitar to accompany this poem--Stille Nacht. The song came alive that night and in time, became so popular around the world!

But the story gets better...during World War I (1914) on the battlefield near Flanders, while enemy fire was cracking between the Germans and the British & French in foxholes, sometime on the eve of Christmas, song broke out, and recognizing the melody of the song--even though the language was different--each side made a motion of a truce. For a brief moment in the War, enemies came out of their dens, shared Christmas joy, and sang together.

If one person can create such work that connects, even for a moment, the hearts of their fellow humans...what a wonder if we all do such work! Let there be peace among us!


Laurie said...

I love the shiny bright chandelier decorations! I looked up the history about shiny brights a few weeks ago. My mom has some and I remebered them as soon as I went on the sight. It brought back a lot of childhood memories.

Laurie said...

Hi Elizabeth!
Wendy Rhein, my sister, left the previous comment, but couldn't get it posted. I used my google account to get it on here. I'll set her up with her own.
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