Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cleaning out the Soul!

Have you ever taken account of how much stuff is in your cupboards, closets, and dare I say, basement? These spaces can become extremely filled with things that at one time mattered to us and maybe we have lost track of them. Clearing these spaces is a great exercise for the mind, spirit and body--because it can be a work-out! Like taking a walk down memory lane, it can be entertaining and painful at the same time. However, do it we must! If you like most people don't feel like spending money right now because of the sad drum beat of the economy, use the time you normally would shop to clean out your life and make great donations to others who could use those items. Better yet, invite some friends and have a good laugh over things of the past...then let those things go!

Creative uses for things you will find:

  • odd pieces from board games: if you don't have all the pieces, make some interesting art work out of the board and pieces or use them to scrapbook. Boards can become great backdrops for photo boards.
  • loner socks: use them to wash your delicates when you do your regular wash--just stick delicates into the sock so they don't get snagged when you launder. You can also use them on your hand when you dust--they are great dust bunny catchers!
  • books you no longer want to read: donate them to your local public library
  • business outfits: can be donated to a shelter for women who wish to get back in the work force; check to see locations in your area.
  • wire hangers: can usually be recycled if they are in good condition by returning them to your local dry cleaner