Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Even though there's frost, it's time to plan for planting!

This year I have a new goal--to set up an organic garden for my neighborhood community. We have always had a garden, and each year my neighbors have welcomed our fresh lettuces, bold tomatoes, and other natural delectable fruits. Yet there is something so rewarding about digging in the soil to create something together! While we have many friends in our community, gardening is another connection...a time to grow, learn and enjoy the "fruits of our harvest." I'll keep you posted on how this is going!

Even if you are looking to pot some tomatoes for you own pleasure & use, take some time now to search online to plan what you would like to grow this year. There are wide varieties of seed companies, and you will be amazed by the different seeds that are available. Check out the heirloom varieties and maybe try planting something new. Last year, I planted "moon flowers" and they were so amazing--these gorgeous white flowers that bloomed into big while fragrant saucers under the moon light! Growing your own food is a green idea as it supports the notion of local farming. It can be a simple project or a huge undertaking depending on your scope.

If you decide to skip the gardening thing this year...that's okay...I'll be happy to share mine! :)