Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Re-turning to Earth

It is no coincidence that we are becoming more aware of our relationship to our Earth. Nature always seeks to find balance, and after so many years of reaching to the skies to literally touch the moon and stars, we are re-turning to Earth. Many people in the world are discussing sustainability, green technology, and eco-friendly practices. Governments around the world are considering what policies need to be enacted and enforced.
Yet in this new global awareness, it is important to re-mind ourselves that we individually have an impact on the Earth through our daily living. Whether it be a kindness shared to another person, giving of our abundance, or re-thinking what we buy/eat/do, we can make change happen. It is important that we are mindful of walking-our-talk as we look to sustainable life. Policies will be less effective if we are unable to actually live by them, and the ideals will quickly lose momentum unless they are sustainable for the long term. This is a real challenge as well as an opportunity.
It is said that the journey of a thousand miles is comprised of a thousand steps. Let's take a new step every day toward a better relation with the Earth and her residents for the long term.