Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eco-Fun for Kids of All Ages

"I don't have anything to do!" Despite the fact that kids typically have more than enough stuff to play with, there is always a time when you will hear this refrain. At my house, I know exactly what to do--make "Gak." "Gak" is something my girlfriend, Mary Ellen, shared years ago... a great recipe that will keep your younglings busy...well, at least for 30 minutes! Better is eco-cool and totally safe! You might even want to join the fun!

Mary Ellen's Home-made Gak
1 cup cornstarch
10 Tablespoons of COLD Water
Add cornstarch to a bowl and slowly add the water 2 tablespoons at a time stirring well. A gelatinous oozy consistency is what we are aiming for--there's no other way to describe it! Pour the mixture onto a cookie sheet or baking pan with edges--so it is contained while you play with it. Very simple clean-up--wipe or rinse with water. If it starts to dry out, simply add a little more water. You are going to love this!