Friday, February 6, 2009

Green Roots

My parents gave my siblings and me something really valuable. They gave us the awareness of our responsibility to each other and the world around. They are pretty amazing people--together they raised their 12 children by working hard and following their core values. Although they never paraded what they did in the bright lights, my parents were my original green teachers. Here are some of the lessons they taught me:

  1. Resources are valuable. Don't waste them...this includes time, money, gas, water, parents save everything. They always look to recycle, reuse, and renew.
  2. Hand-me-downs are okay. We call it "vintage" wear.
  3. Turn off the water. Water is our most valuable natural resource...we all need it and need to protect it.
  4. Clean up when you make a mess. If everyone leaves their space better than they found it...what a world we would have!
  5. Plant trees and gardens. The fruits and vegetables you grow taste better.
  6. Learn to fix things. Sometimes it takes a little time and practice, but learning to repair things like clothing, cars and homes will save you a lot of money and less time at the dump.
  7. Help one another. It is okay to look to others to see how they do things and to share's called synergy!
  8. Vacationing in nature helps you appreciate beauty. Studies show that children connected to nature do better in school.
  9. Spending time with each other is great entertainment. We always had things to do...card games, conversations, imaginative games...sometimes these "freebies" make the best memories.
  10. Get along. We are all in this together and need each other. Every human effort is linked to a larger purpose.

What kind of lessons are we passing on to the next generation? Share your ideas by leaving your comments.

Have a good weekend!!