Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to all my LOVELY bloggers!

I once read somewhere that "where there is fear, there cannot be love." Over these past few weeks, there has been a steady drum-beat of fear...everywhere. I am a big believer of "As you think, so you become." So I am deciding to spread love in hopes of re-creating the world...just in time for this weekend, Valentine's Day.

Imagine for one day, February 14th, if we were all to reach out and choose love...let someone else go first, genuinely listen to a neighbor, play a board game with your child, put a few quarters in a meter that is about to expire, actually put the shopping cart in the corale, turn off the news and read great literature to yourself, make lunch for a friend, give a real hug to your sweetie...little acts with great that is stimulus!

Here's wishing you great love! Happy Valentine's Day!!