Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eyes on You!

There is a Native American proverb, "We don't inherit the land from our ancestors. We are borrowing it from our children." It is interesting to look at the work that is happening in our world...both positive and negative...especially if we consider the effect it will have on the generations that follow.
What kind of legacy are we leaving for them?
Our children are watching literally with "eyes on you." As we live, they will learn. As we care for the earth and our fellow people, so they will care.
I had an affirmation of this daughter's teacher called to ask if I would come in to teach the class about recycling. It was a touching moment that my message, my life was quietly being observed by my daughter without a word being spoken. We all have these moments to treasure and to bring us to the awareness that these tiny acts are having an impact.