Friday, March 20, 2009

Help build "green" nests

A green idea to help your feathered friends: if you have lint from your dryer, consider placing it in a container where birds might use it for building their nests. The lint provides just the right soft fibers for the birds (especially if it is free of dryer sheet residue). This is a simple act that saves one more thing from going into the landfill--because that is, as they say, for the birds!
Also, if you are wondering where I found this adorable bird "hang-out"--it is from my favorite spot, Brickhouse Antiques. The shop is open this weekend, and Larry has a ton of wonderful things to help you welcome spring!
You can find Brickhouse Antiques at: 100 South Rd (on the corner of Brandywine Boulevard), Wilmington, DE 19809. Phone (302) 762-8900. Happy Spring!!