Monday, March 23, 2009

Mini Green-houses!

Green Idea: You know all those niffy clam-shell containers in which your fruit and vegetables travel? They make great mini-greenhouses for your is very holistic...your produces of today becomes the beginning of your future harvest! You can see it isn't very complicated either:

  1. As you empty your produce clam-shells, wash and dry them. I saved the containers for a few weeks so I had enough for all my seeds...there were moments when I started to feel I had become my mother...but I digress.
  2. Fill each clam-shell half way with starter potting soil.
  3. Plant your seeds and make sure to use a permanent marker to write the contents on the top lid.
  4. Give each "greenhouse" a good drink of water. You will want to monitor the packs to make sure they have enough water over the next weeks.
  5. Close and place in the sun.
  6. As the sprouts begin to grow, you may need to open the lid to give them more room and possibly transplant them into a larger container all by themselves (we are planning to use yogurt cups for this.)
  7. As the weather warms and the danger of frost passes, you are ready to transplant your seedlings into the big outdoors!

This is a great activity for the kids...especially in the classroom. Have fun growing your own food and enjoy the savings!