Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Day for Fools?

Happy April 1st! Beware of jokers ready to play a prank! The legend of April Fools Day is thought to have come from the 16th century when Charles IX of France decided to switch calendars. Apparently, according to the Julian calendar, New Year's Day was celebrated the week of March 25th and ended on April 1st. When the new Gregorian calendar was adopted, New Years Day became, as it is today, January 1st. Therefore those who held onto the old day of April 1st were termed April Fools! Lovely to see that edicts from above messed with people then as now!

The first of April is a great day to access foolish habits you might have...Do you leave the lights on and leave the room? Do you allow your car to idle? Do you leave the water running when you brush those pearly whites? If so, you need to check out: The Green Book (see my Amazon recommends sidebar to purchase). Inside you will find all sorts of ideas and things that you can do to make a positive impact on the planet. Cut down on foolish waste...and many of these ideas will save you a few bucks!

Beware of the rubber snakes and whoppie cushions!