Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Say Hello to our Newest Associate!

Where have I been all this time? Well, this picture says it all! After years of asking, the kids finally have their wishes granted...instead of an Easter Bunny, we have an Easter Benji. While he is completely adored, we are challenged with connecting the needs of our dog to our goal of greener living. All the "oops" have reverted me back to the days of paper towels and strong cleansers! Oh the horror! And yet, I am confident as we embrace this new little friend in our family, we will learn more and more about living in the present moment and cleaning up life's little "oops." I already have a large bottle of white vinegar and newspaper ready! Send in any ideas you might have...we need all the advice we can get!


Gillis Family said...

So fun! Can't wait to hear all the fun things the kids have to say.