Friday, May 15, 2009

Bellefonte Art Festival

Hey, everyone...though your weekend is probably crammed with exciting things to do, here are a few more...

Saturday morning...this is tag sale season! Grab your breakfast, your imagination, pocket change, and head for area sales. You can find so many treasures at tag/garage/yard sales...they are a great way to re-use, re-create, and re-cycle. Often you can find one of a kind pieces. Last weekend I happened along a little steel stool--a little pistachio green spray paint--and voila! an adorable little side table. Check your area newspaper classified section to scope out the sales--it often helps if you map out your day before...and remember, the early birds get the good deals!

If you are ready for more fun...head over to Bellefonte, Delaware where the local shop-keepers and community are throwing an Art Festival. If you have not yet discovered Bellefonte, Delaware, you are missing a treasure trove of great places to shop...two of my favs: Brickhouse Antiques and Eclectica. Listen to live music and grab lunch at the Bellefonte Cafe. Hope to see you there!

Plant your garden...if you want to have those irresistable veggies this summer, start digging now! A little effort now will pay off with gorgeous produce! My garden is already growing beautifully with all the rain we have had...I can hardly wait for a BLT with some home-grown tomatoes and lettuce!

Have a great weekend!