Monday, May 18, 2009

Check out TerraCycle

Everyday across the globe, we are creating waste...from the wrappers on the foods we the leftover scraps we do not eat...our garbage piles up! This waste then needs to be taken away at a cost to our wallets and our environment. The common argument is, "We have to live somehow."

A company by the name of TerraCycle is in business to change this. What started out as a "worm poop" (vermicomposting) company has grown to a re-creation company--they make bags out of juice pouches, eco-friendly cleaning products sold in recycled bottles, and so much more. Visit their website and read their will not only be amazed by what they have discovered, but you will be inspired to become part of the effort to create zero waste on our planet. Look for their products and join the revolution to make zero waste!