Monday, May 18, 2009

A New Look

Ta-da! There are finally signs of green on our blog! Hope you like our new look!

Speaking of new looks, it is spring, and the colors out there are bright & bold! Canary yellows, grass greens, sea blues...I love them. Colors bring that switch of paradigm we sometimes need...consider adding something bold to your wardrobe or home!

If you don't have any of these colors available, look to vintage clothing...because most fashion styles repeat, and these colors were big not too long ago.

There are a growing number of upscale re-sale places to consign your fashions and pick up some new ones. In the Wilmington area, check out Sacks Thrift Avenue. Another fun place to vintage shop is eBay where you can really browse 24/7. Use key words to search for items such as 'yellow stilettos' or 'green Prada shirt' to find exactly what you want. If you haven't shopped your local Goodwill store, check it never know what treasures you can find!