Saturday, May 23, 2009

Paying Tribute

We accumulate so many treasures throughout our lives, but no treasure is greater than the memories we create. For instance the other day, I was driving and my son said, "Mom, I really love you, and it feels good." What a sweet memory that will touch my heart for many years to come!

But what about those trinkets and collections that we amass--each thing selected at one point because it meant something to us or we meant something to the giver? I think about this when I shop at vintage stores or purchase things second hand...who was the original owner and how did they use this? If I can, I like to know their names so I can quietly pay tribute to their lives...a living memory of something they valued and are passing onto me. "Victor's table" will become a great gathering place for friends. "Edith's bells" chime each time we enter our house. "Loretta's quilt" keeps all those tootsie warm on a cold night... It is a lovely connection that brings me together with a lot of kindred friends!