Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Invitation to Live with Intention

"Style Statement calls you to live an authentic and inspired life. "

My life has always been filled with these synergistic moments...those times when I get a tingle up my spine...when I know I am about to receive something great! Today it arrived in the mail. Of course, there's a story...
A few weeks ago... I was on a train to Washington and was reading a review about a new book, Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. I thought, "Hmm...interesting. I need to order that when I get home." Well, after three weeks, I finally ordered the book...and would you guess, I know one of the authors! I didn't know it at the time, but I recognized her when I saw her picture! Danielle LaPorte & I met years ago in Santa Fe...she is an incredibly talented, passionate, creative young woman who has co-authored this book with Carrie McCarthy. This book is one of those that has the potential to change the ways we live.
You have to buy this book!
It is about that big quote at the header of my blog..."being the change we wish for the world!" How do we wish to live? Style Statement is a great workbook for sorting everything out. It is about living life with intention and awareness. It is about bringing out the real you...which is cool because you're the original! For me, this book helps to gather all the pieces of my work into a beautiful own design!
Danielle and Carrie, thank you so much for this gift! I love the book and hope we can connect soon!