Monday, June 15, 2009

The Favor of A Re-cycled Party Bag!

My daughter was having a birthday party with her friends, and we were trying to think of an eco-friendly party favor/craft. What we created were little hand-bags from re-cycled blue jeans. Here's how you can do it:

You need assorted blue jeans with some "wear" still left in the can use any size or color of jeans.

  1. Cut 6-8 inch long sections of the pant legs leaving side seams intact. You might need more than one pair depending on how many bags you want to make.

  2. Sew a 5/8 inch hem on the bottom of the section--you can either sew it inside to make a clean edge seam with no fringe, or sew it on the outside with a raw edge.

  3. Take 3/4 of a yard of colorful ribbon (we used 1 1/2 inch striped or polka dot ribbon), and sew each end on opposite sides of the bag to create a handle for each bag.

  4. Have assorted buttons, fabric patches or letters for the guests to glue on to their bags--we used Arlene's craft glue available at Michaels. Make sure they use a lot of glue and allow them to dry flat before using. If they are older, you can have them sew their pieces on, but we had 8 year-olds, so the glue was best for them.

  5. Fill with candy or other treats.

These also work as a great gift...just slip a gift card or other treat inside.


Christa said...

I thought of you the other night when I had an idea to make curtains from old jeans. Now, I can't sew nor do I have any old jeans (and I'd never cut my Lucky brand jeans to shreds) so, feel free to use the idea!