Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Of all the things I collect...I love my friends the best!

When I first heard my friend, Nancy,say it, I thought, "well, that is an unusual thing to say." What she said, "I am a people collector!" and it immediately brought up horrid images of being a scared pre-teen at a slumber party forced to watch Friday the 13th with my girlfriends (oh, how much I hated those films!) while Jason went cabin to cabin...yeah, he was a people collector, too! yikes! :p

So I asked for some clarification..."A what?" "A people collector...someone who loves to meet new people!" "OOOH! Yes, I get that!"...I love that too...and so we went on to discuss all the people we have met over the years...the ones we loved and never saw again, and the ONES who rocked our world so it was never the same way again! All the lovely people that reach in and touch our lives...to you, today, I say thank you...for you have made the world a better place. When Johnny and I were dating, we went to a James Taylor concert...his finale was the song "Shower the People" you love with love...today, because it seems like it rains every day in Wilmington-acting-like-Seattle...I want to shower you with love!!! Let the LOVE rain down!!