Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pulling out the Weeds

This morning I had the rare moment of quiet time. So I slipped away to my garden which was in desperate need of a good weeding! There were so many birds chatting to one another...have you ever noticed how many there are at the wee hours of the day?
Spending time in the soil reminded me of my grandparents...all of whom were avid horticulturalists. I remembered how my Grandpa Schweihofer told me never to pick green beans in the rain because it caused rust to appear on the beans, and I had thoughts of Grandma's generous offerings of tomatoes each time we arrived. My Grandpa Rhein would always show off his beautiful roses and gladiolas whenever we stopped for a visit....a garden of sweet memories that continues in my own family.

As I cultivated my garden, I had an awareness that pulling the weeds is a great metaphor for weeding out the negative thoughts in my mind...do it gently less you upset the other plants. Our lives need our constant nurturing hand...whenever we can find a moment of quiet.