Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keeping Your Greens From Fading

Recent discussions in the political sphere have begun to take some of life out of the green movement…how much is this baby going to cost us? what are the long term effects? and questions of the sort have been clogging the circuits. These are important questions we need to ask because many of the areas that government wants to go are revolutionary…but how about you and me…the little people of the planet who add up to a whole lot?
Don’t let your green efforts fade…sustainability is still hip and worth the effort. Re-using, re-cycling and re-newing are still very important steps that we can all take to cut down on the amount of materials our homes consume. I have been so inspired by the creativity and fresh ideas that are coming forward because consumers are more aware and are demanding earth-friendly options. We are moving and building and re-shaping the way things are done! Long term challenges are not fixed overnight…so keep heart and keep green!