Wednesday, July 1, 2009

making miracles happen

My work each day with Mixed Greens is a real joy and challenge...of that I am eternally grateful for it took me SO long to get here! You see, I left my last job years ago when I became a mom, and being a hyper-creative, ADD kind of person, I was determined to be anything but the typical mom...hmmm, should have thought more about that one!

My kiddies enjoyed things such as homemade Belgian waffles because I was concerned about the high fructose syrup in the store variety, haute couture Halloween costumes by House of Mom, all their toys were cleverly labeled in storage that allowed "easy filing" at the end of each short...I was/am a nut about the profession of motherhood! A funny thing developed over time...they looked to me to always make it create something out of whip together a lemonade stand with homemade cookies and the proper marketing...bedrooms that were constantly updated to the latest trend... and yet now, as they get older...I am seeing the importance of getting out of their way and letting them explore, learn, and create their own designs and projects. It has taken some discipline on my part to stop intervening...but a magical thing is happening...they are amazed that they can make something out of nothing, and whip together a little miracle all by themselves!