Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sacre Bleu!

Last week I had a challenge…take a room that was blah and make it bodacious and brilliant…on a tight budget. When I am looking to transform a room, the first thing I look to is color…what is there…where is it missing…what could be added? Now, don’t think I am crazy here, but I actually dreamt about the color and knew what I had to do…I was on the hunt for “Tiffany Blue.” “What girl wouldn’t love something from Tiffany’s?” (Check out Audrey Hepburn in one of her best movies if you haven’t seen it: Breakfast At Tiffany’s.)

A major challenge…the luscious blue color for Tiffany’s is protected as “a color trademark by Tiffany & Co. The color is produced as a private custom color by Pantone, with PMS number 1837, the number deriving from the year of Tiffany’s foundation. As a trademarked color, it is not publicly available and is not printed in the Pantone Matching System swatch books.” (source: So I was in search of a color that was…alas…out of my reach. Or was it?
After a little digging and research…I found the perfect color Sherwin Williams 6766 Mariner…is a close relative. Sherwin Williams has an eco-friendly low VOC paint line Harmony that was incredible…very low order and good coverage.
As hoped…the room came alive…all we need now is for one of those little blue boxes to arrive with some treasure inside!


A vintage end-table got a second life with a little white paint and silver spray paint on the handle.

Now what to do about this chair…send in your ideas and stay tuned!