Friday, August 14, 2009

the most precious resource on earth

Okay, you are probably tired of me gushing about my trip to the lakes...nothing can put me in a philosophical mindset like spending hours along the shore...I am as the salmon who fights the odds to make the annual trip...the water is my home! :)

One thing that keeps sticking in my head is how incredible our waterways are...the power, life, depth, and runs through the very core of our being. Like the earth, we are composed of roughly 75% water, and yet the sacred waters that feed our earth and our bodies are being abused. Enormous amounts of plastic pieces are discarded into the water each year, and since plastic does not quickly decompose, a swirling mass piles up endangering the species of our waters...and the water itself. While it is right that we look up and ask questions of the sky above us, we also need to pay attention to the water by our shore.

So what can we do? It is as simple and important as being aware of our litter, recycle a bottle or bag, and reduce the amount of garbage we put out there. I am a believer in the power of people to make change the goodness that we can all do! It may feel like your efforts are a small drop in the bucket...but together it is an ocean!


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