Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where the water is blue...there is my heart!

I am on my way home...to my St. Clair River...where everyone knows me as "Lisa," and I can't wait to see those beautiful blue waters!

This is the St. Clair River...a major artery in the interstate waterway's commerce...this ship is carrying coal or iron ore from the Upper Pennisula...yes, that would make me a troll since I grew up under the Bridge of Mackinac...
There is some major steering involved with navigating the St. Clair River...check out this turn! Just in case you were wondering...that is just a little boat...1,000 foot long!

This is the Blue Water Bridge linking the U.S. to Canada...if you know me...this explains my accent...aye! And just out the bow is Lake Huron.
So if you are seeking a beautiful, magical place...don't wait too long...because the snow is already on it's way!