Thursday, September 10, 2009

from the outside in

There is that familiar chill in the air, and I am waiting with baited breath for the first fall leaves! Autumn is an incredible time...apples, cider, hot doughnuts, pumpkins, leaf piles, harvest moons, is that perfect interlude before Jack Frost takes center stage. In the next few weeks, I will share my recipes for those delicious pies, soups, and other treats that go with fall. However, this week, in between appointments I am cleaning house...

The autumn weeks are full of preparation in my home...a sacred clearing for the long winter months ahead. It is a time to take care of the outside gardens and the doors, the windows, and each room...finally all the closets and cupboards. I am actually one of those freakish people who enjoy cleaning because it makes me re-evaluate all those things that are in my home...I consciously choose that they are here...and in my mind, a little peace of mind is created...harmony. All is well. There is rhythm and completion. Then I am ready to snuggle in with delicious books or my favorite movies, try a new cookbook, or invite a friend to sample that hot apple pie!