Thursday, September 24, 2009

the private becomes public

As the holidays peek around the corner, my mind starts filling with ideas for my next soiree. A house full of loved ones, eating and drinking, enjoying each other's company...that is my heaven!

Of course there is always the question of logistics...where to put the food, where to seat everyone, how much, which one...and it is wonderful to have pieces such as my refurbished dresser converted to dining buffet. Furniture that once had a private purpose can take center stage in your home. Aside from the extra serving space, the drawers in this piece are wonderful for storing tablecloths, napkins, large entertaining gear is conveniently located and because it is well built, this dresser can stand the wear.

Consider the furniture in your home, and think outside the box...where could you move things so that they are more useful? Often bureaus and hutches that were meant for the private bedroom are more functional in your main rooms as beautiful storage. Does the line or color of the piece fit the mood you are creating in a room? Sometimes it takes a little sandpaper and paint, and other times, just a strong helper to move it! Style is what you your imagination...what can you create?