Wednesday, September 23, 2009

putting it all on the table

This past weekend, my friend Christina and I stumbled onto our first auction! What an exciting experience it was! If you have never been to one, you have to try it...lucky number 20 was really a winner! Check out these tables...each $5...which are now the happy residents of my home.
With old pieces, there is always a story...and if it isn't are free to assume one of your making. For instance, we held a neighborhood party this weekend, and one of my neighbors said, "Wow, that looks just like my grandfather's old table!" Who knows, maybe it was! How many friends gathered around this table through the years? If only these pieces of wood could talk...the stories they would tell.

Do you know the superstitious phrase"knock on wood?" Long ago people believed that spirits were in the trees and thus the wood. When you "knocked," you would rouse the spirits who would protect you! So hopefully there are good spirits in my tables!
What I love most about vintage, hand-me-down furniture is the attention to detail and innovation that is so much a part of the construction. The intricate scroll work on this school desk is just amazing. Imagine the stories this little desk could tell!
Needless to say, I have been bitten by the auction "bug"...can't wait for the next one!