Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a woman who loves color!

I'm not a fan of having my picture taken...would rather be behind the lens...yet I loved the colors captured in this photo. Our hydrangea bushes are giving one last blow-out before the season switches, and the celery green with hints of pink that are in the petals...I'm searching for paint, pillows, accessories to turn this bouquet into a room.

Speaking of paint...I have a hefty collection of large yogurt containers that make wonderful paint collectors. They are not re-cyclable in my area, but this is a niffy use for them nonetheless...totally free, totally seal-tight, easy to stack & label. As you can see, I striped the paint label off the original can and taped it to the side in case I need the info again. (hint: ask the paint clerk to put the label on the side of the can...so much easier to remove)

One paint color that has my eye is a lovely grayish taupe found at Lowe's...Smoked Oyster (Valspar 6005-1C). We are using it in a dining room...top in the Smoked Oyster with Dove White (Valspar 7002-7)on the chair-rail and lower wall. Totally scrumptious when paired with rich red or deep aubergine accessories. We aren't quite finished with the project yet...stay tuned!