Tuesday, October 27, 2009

feather your nest with unique style!

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — over and over announcing your place in the family of things.  
from Wild Geese by Mary Oliver 
Birds have a mystical nature...and it is intriguing to consider the sacred way they build their homes.  They collect little bits of grass or twine to weave them into perfect eco-friendly dwellings and layer the nest with their soft feathers.  While this is instinctual, it is quite impressive.  Birds are like that...simply fabulous.  Even the way they dress...without worry and in total splendor! Check out these peacock feathers...each blending the color palette with such dynamic flair...no wonder they strut!There's an invitation for us to strut our stuff when we feather our nests.  A new book by Annette Tatum, The Well Dressed Home, entertains the notion that our homes are dressed as we dress ourselves.  The attire we don presents the perfect cues for fashion in our homes.  Whether it be a runway in Paris or in our own closet, we have all that we need to imagine our nests...just take a look at your own "feathers."
One room in my "nest" was just painted Perfect Greige (SW 6073)...absolutely harmonious with our nature because it brings a quiet elegance to our living room.  This is my favorite space to escape because it is off to the side...no one thinks to look for me there!  The mirror is a find from Anthropologie...the rim reminded me of the peacock feathers in the way they fan out.Finally, you know my love for creativity and imagination...so I had to share this photo with you.  This ostrich at Anthropologie is made out of recycled paper, and while I didn't capture the best image with my cell phone, you get the "picture."  It is huge and seemed to be one more reminder to me that birds are calling us to feather our nest with our own creative flair!


Anne said...

I love this! The room shown in your house is exactly what I love - elegant but slighly modern and minimalistic. Great taste! Also, I was thinking of having centerpieces for the wedding in shades of white and cream flowers with pheasant feathers in the center to give some dimension - I'm feeling inspired!!! Thanks!
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BellaCucina said...

Quick question: Where did you get the feathers? I have been looking but have not found any nice pheasant feathers.

Mixed Greens Village said...

I struck gold...there was a furniture store going out of business locally, and they had a big bucket of feathers. They let me have them for a steal! Try looking in galleries or flower shops...sometimes they use them for accents in arrangements. If you don't find any let me know...I can send out a search for you! :)