Monday, October 26, 2009

going outside the lines...well, maybe the bowl

One of the first questions I ask my new clients is: 
What do you love? Often this leads to stories of family, great trips, pieces of art, homemade treasures or hand-me-downs from who knows where.  Many times, people start apologizing for what they have because it is different from what you might see in the average magazine or showroom. 
Well, who wants to be average?  I sure don't and my goal is to uncover the personal styles and stories of the people who welcome me into their homes.  Creating a home that reflects you often means coloring outside the lines. Since you will be waking to look at this place 24/7, shouldn't it be something you love? 

Today, I had a great photo shoot with Michael Sahadi, and I was so nervous about what the photos would look like.  I just couldn't relax and be Michael suggested a great photo op that made me laugh and let go...tossing mixed greens salad into the air...all over my living room.  It will be awesome to see the photos when they come out. 

We all have comfort levels and sometimes stretching into unknown waters can be tricky...having something that can make you laugh or smile is the key. Joy is our natural essence and by following our joy, we can create a space that we love.  For instance, some designers think having family photos on the first floor is a big no-no.  However, my kids' smiling faces are my passion, and I like having them close...they are all over the place...they are my Picassos.  So while conventional wisdom is a good starting place, it is more fun to toss everything in the air and see what happens!


Audrey said...

Looks like that lettuce might be Earthbound Farms Organic mixed baby greens. Well, at least it looks like it. But I suppose greens kind of look the same regardless of brand.

I haven't been on here in a while and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (!) the new header picture. You have done such a beautiful job with this blog. Your photos are great; every post is like art.

Mixed Greens Village said...

Thanks, Audrey! Actually it is Trader Joe's variety...but you're right, they all look very similar. I would love to capture that purple leaf in paint or fabric.