Friday, October 2, 2009

friday's zen

It's brain is not quite fried, but I have little in way of home inspiration to provide. However, this week has taught me so many lessons that I feel I must blog...because that is what we bloggers do...

  1. Having a coffee maker with a timer is the nicest thing in the world.
  2. Eco-lights sometimes are a wash...especially if you have to use 10 gallons of paint to get the color right.
  3. This one is from my father-in-law, John M.: "Walk Down the Hill." (versus speed down it like I usually a young bull sort of way) Apparently you get to enjoy these things called "daisies" if you relax a little?
  4. Another one from John M.: "Reach for the next rung on the ladder if the one before you is broken." Literally, this zen stuff has to stop after 8 p.m. I am lucky if I am still alert! :)
  5. Recipes in cookbooks sometimes they even test this stuff anymore? My puffed pastry is a glob.
  6. Make sure to be nice to your auto mechanic...he is one of your top ten because he keeps your wheels moving.
  7. When you do something without expecting anything in is so nice when you are surprised!
  8. Banks make errors, too...thank you TD Bank...are Regis & Kelly still smiling?
  9. Never wear a nice sweater if there is a Jack Russell in the house who can will I fix that hole, not sure.
  10. A nice glass of red wine is a message that God loves us and wants us to celebrate every day!