Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There is a greeting at the end of yoga...namaste...which simply means, "I bow to the divine within you."  It is such a pleasant ending to a relaxing hour, and yet today, it struck me that this is more that a kitchy saying at the end of class...this word is powerful.  When we see the divine in each other, aren't we a bit nicer?  We feel a little happier and lighter...because we have divine qualities as well!

Lately I have been fascinated with my divine connection...listening to Wayne Dyer on CDs while I travel in between appointments and making time in my day to frees up my creativity and things just seem to flow.  Divine energy is all around us helping to manifest our being.  And what happens when we channel that into our work?  Personally, it means that I find exactly the right things for a project, I listen better to my clients, and perhaps drive a little less rushed...after all, I don't want to hurt someone divine!  It is fun to work elements into my projects which inspire...a word that literally means to breathe.  Mirrors that reflect light, crowns reminding us of our noble birth, space to allow room for silence, and elements from nature such as rocks, water, flowers, feathers all bring in the divine.  What are some of the ways you channel your divinity in your work?  I'd love to know...and if you have any good connections to crowns...I am searching for some vintage looking ones.  Namaste!