Friday, October 9, 2009

savor autumn

Today my husband did the nicest thing for me...he took the kids apple picking and brought home warm cinnamon sugar donuts and cider...just for me! If you haven't ever had a hot cinnamon sugar donut, you are missing a little glimpse of heaven! They are total soul food...the calories go right past the waist and right to the soul! Every fall, my dad used to pack all 12 of us in the van, and we would be in hot pursuit of apples, cider & donuts. The crisp autumn air, the climbing trees to get the best apples, ducking when my brothers tossed them over...the memories come flooding back to me as I savor this treat down to the last bite. Mom would take some to make pie, and there were always apples for weeks to come to enjoy.

To find a local orchard near you check out: or


utwogirl said...

Where in Wilmington can I get warm cinnamon sugar donuts? Never had them but sure want to now!

Mixed Greens Village said...

We went to Linvilla Orchard in Media, PA...amazing donuts & cider!