Wednesday, December 16, 2009

allow me to repeat myself

"There's chic in repetition."
Billy Baldwin, American Interior Decorator

Repetition is an elegant and easy way to set up your holiday displays.  Similar things create more of an impact together than if you spread them out across your home. Gather your collections and sort them by color or shape, and then have some fun imagining unconventional ways to display them.

My all-time favorite use of Christmas ornaments is to hang them loosely on chandeliers with vintage ribbons.  I get to enjoy my ornaments, and they are out of reach of little fingers!  One year I lost a ton when the tree tipped over, so this is a much safer option for these vintage beauties.  I think of my Mom when I hang these...she and I hunted through her stash as well as a few antique was a great fun!  Please don't ever throw out your vintage ornaments...there are so many of us out there collecting...we will happily give them a home!

This flower planter gets a wintery purpose as a stage for my bottle brush trees...I used white parchment paper as a lining to hold in my faux snow. The trees are staged on top of upside-down enameled cups. These mini vignettes present some eye candy and allow you to get playful! These are just a few ideas...send me yours!