Friday, January 29, 2010

friday zen: building a nest

By coming and going, a bird weaves its nest.
African Proverb

When I was younger, my Aunt Elaine used to exclaim, "Oh, look!" everytime she saw a bird nearby. We weren't exactly sure what was so special and found it funny that birds were such a big deal for her.

As I get older, I find myself searching out winged friends...calling to my own kids to look. Part of this is my growing curiosity with birds and their they build them, why they choose one place over another, and what they select for construction. They have become my little teachers on the way we make our own homes.

Sturdy twigs to hold the base together...pieces of downy feathers to cradle those soft beings in our space...little bits of decoration because we are all drawn to releasing our inner creativity...and careful placement & weaving of everything together.   Year after year bringing in those things that call to us, that symbolize something for us, or that we simply enjoy...all this goes into our "nests."

What are those sturdy twigs in your home--those things you rely on? How about the soft spaces that allow you to feel comfort when perhaps the world outside is a bit precarious? And then there's that thread of creativity in your home...where are you? where do you leave your mark?  What an incredible message our friends in the natural world are signaling...take your time, find what works for you, and then bring those you love into it.  By bringing conscious awareness to our nests we celebrate the blessing that is our home.

Thanks, Aunt Elaine...I finally got what is so special!  Have a peace-filled weekend!  Namaste!