Tuesday, January 5, 2010

simply sophisticated!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Leonardo da Vinci

With the holidays complete, my house is in disarray...boxes of ornaments, garlands, empty packages, remnants of celebration and reveling with friends and family.  About this time each year, I get an enormous urge to SIMPLIFY...CLEAR OUT...MAKE SPACE.   
I believe it is the yearning of every human heart to have a place to go and just be.  When there is so much stuff distracting us...things that need to be done, messages that need to be answered, boxes that need to be discarded or put away...it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  Many times I hear people say, "It just seems like things are never done!" 
January is a good time to evaluate our habits and make new plans...one of mine is to begin living in simplicity.  This means being aware of the things I am holding onto...Have I worn it in a year? Do I still use this? Could someone use it more?  It also is a time to evaluate what comes into my house in the first place...Do I really read all those magazines? Yes, it was a good deal, but do I need it? What about cancelling the junk mail?  When we make room in our homes and lives, we find we have space to breathe and to contemplate our next great idea.


kitten kitchen said...

I totally agree. It's vital to have a good spruce up to feel calm and centered enough for a jolly good think. Happy new year!