Tuesday, February 2, 2010

maybe a shadow, definitely light!

I've always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them,
to provide some light along the way.
-Leo Buscalia, author, educator, and lover

Have you ever noticed the people who are "lamps" and "mirrors" in your life...those people who inspire, who direct "come this way!" or those who reflect parts of you back to yourself.  It is interesting to note that we need both...guides who help us see what we are and also what we can be.

  February has bittersweet memories for me...a month which holds both the anniversary of a dear friend's passing and the joyous birth of my youngest child.  February is both light and mirror...amplification of the most amazing force in the world...love...the reflection of all who have given love as well as challenged love.  Illumination.  Reflection.  During these last days of winter when we are searching to see if we have a shadow, we also know that the light is there.  How can we be lights as well as mirrors to one another?   How can we bring our radiance and our vision to the world that is waiting?
On a home note...look to where you have placed lights and mirrors in your home...how does it change the space?  Is it bright enough?  Are you finding ways to use mirrors to bring in light during these darker winter days?  Do you ever make time to enjoy candlelight?  Play with the light...see what you can do to bring in more.