Monday, February 15, 2010

watching our pennies

If you would be wealthy,
think of saving as well as getting.
Benjamin Franklin, author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician & printer
One of my favorite places to shop for every day bargains is Marshalls as well as its sister store, T.J.Maxx.  Very often you can find unusual treasures to complete a look or a project at a fraction of the retail price.   I had such luck the other day when I was in search of robin egg blue towels for a bathroom.  They happened to match the eggs on the one portrait and the background on the other.  It was almost too perfect and what a deal!

However, I will offer you some wisdom...that I have earned through experience.  Make sure you go in with discipline and awareness for what it is you are seeking.  It is extremely easy to begin adding things to your cart which don't belong just because they are such a deal...very soon you will find those things in your closet while you wonder why in the world you bought them in the first place.  Just because something is cheap does not mean it won't cost you David Bach termed it the "Latte Factor"...all these little things add up to a whole lot and take us away from our larger goals and dreams.

Another alternative to shopping if you happen to have a lot of those unwanted "treasures"...have a swap meet with your girlfriends.  Serve simple hors dourves and wine along with some fun trading for a fabulous night!