Thursday, April 22, 2010

dramatic suspense

Risks must be taken, because the greatest
 hazard in life is to risk nothing. 
-Leo Buscalia, Author, Educator

It catches me every time I hear myself say it to my kids.."be careful!"..and I quietly wonder, "how did you become a scared-y cat?"  At what point in life do we discover that risks sometimes are just that...too risky?  We start to live more cautiously and look before we leap, we double-check ourselves, and try to avoid failure at all costs.  For me, it happened when I became a mom, and "my heart started to grow beyond my body."  Yet there comes a time when we have to ask this really living?  There are thousands of examples of people who took risks and eventually they paid off, and of course others who did not survive to explain what happened.  How do we live fearlessly while keeping our toes and family in-tack?
(photo credit:  HGTV)
These similar issues come up when we shop for and decorate our homes...though less do we occupy this space?  Many times we don't know what to do...too many options, so many questions, what if it doesn't look right?  The same rules apply:  we have to consider what our alternatives are, take a chance on what might work...and give it a go.  I have tried so many paint colors, layouts, designs in my is my canvas.  My friends stop by and always ask, "So what have you changed?"  It is risky, it might not work out, drives my husband nutty at times, and sometimes gets costly.  But it is better than sitting on the fence wondering.
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So whatever it is that you are considering, weigh out the odds as best you can, surf the internet for ideas, check out magazines, and make a decision.  Most things can be corrected and in the end, we will learn from our mistakes and the risks we take.
(photo credit:  Elle Decor)