Thursday, April 8, 2010

greatest place on earth!

Life's a voyage that's homeward bound.
Herman Melville, U.S. novelist & sailor

All of my work is centered around home...finding, selling, decorating, reading about, and celebrating.  Home is a word that has always felt important and comfortable to me.  When I was a young mom I was fortunate enough to be home with my kids and was able to build a good nest for them to grow.  Most of my philanthropic work centers around helping others find their way back home.  I believe when we feel we have a safe place in the world, we can explore and bring forth the gifts within us.  You can read in the Wall Street Journal how our nation's economy is based on you see, this is big stuff we are talking about.
This month we celebrate the home we share in matter what corner you occupy, we are all residents of our home...Earth.  Often referred to as the third rock from the sun, this planet continues to thrive and love us...providing for most our needs, and when she belches, it is a call for us to spring into action to help our fellow neighbors.  We work in symbiosis with our home which is why it is most important for us to pause and consider our actions each day to see how we can contribute to keeping our planet healthy.  It affects us in a direct way.  

Years ago, I was a research assistant for the author/poet Mark Nepo for his daybook, The Book of Awakening, and he shared a lot about his experience with cancer...Mark felt that a lot of what we suffer from is because we have polluted the sacred streams which give us life.   This isn't an accusation, but rather an awareness of the the belief...what you do unto others, you are actually doing to yourself.  How can we live an authentic life in a way that is connected to the larger picture?  Since we are here together, we cannot afford to delay action to reduce, recycle and reuse. 

Earth is our sacred home.  Take time this month to notice the blooms, the rains, the fragrant air, the way all things become new...and feel free to join in the dance of celebration!


Smexkid said...

The earth waiting for us.I believe many place it safe and inspise us to go back again.