Wednesday, May 5, 2010

make your home sensual

All evidence of truth comes only from the senses.
Friedrich Nietzsche, 19th century German philosopher

We spend a lot of time and money on our homes...making sure they have the right look and, yes, I must the mad pursuit of keeping up with the Joneses. But how does our home feel? Ilse Crawford's book, The Sensual Home, explores this notion...that our homes should support our inner as well as outer life.
The smells, the sounds, the feel, the tastes within, and the visual space we create. Hers is a challenge to create harmony in your home by surrounding yourself with those things that connect with your spirit of being rather than what is trendy. It is an invitation to explore who we are in our outer surroundings. Can you imagine how we would be nourished and how others would feel to enter our space if it authentically represented us? Imagine if we explored our inner urgings to create something unique and magnificient? Today, I invite you to the ancient ritual of creating home...making room for the amazing creation that YOU ARE! Set aside the magazines for just a moment...what is it that inspires you? What colors catch your breath? What could you cook tonight that would fill your home with amazing aromas? Make time for love, laughter and light...bring your spirit into this world!
(photo source: HGTV)

P.S. The Sensual Home is available through used book sellers...try or for current offerings.