Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You would not believe your eyes
if ten million fireflies
lit up the world as I fell asleep.
Adam Young, Owl City
I can't get enough of this happy little tune from Owl City about fireflies lighting up the world...and then last night, it was as if the fireflies got the message and lit up the world!  My backyard was filled with these little luminescent insects...and it was magical!  My kids sprinted around to catch them, and it brought back waves of sweet memories.  Tonight if you haven't taken time out, just wander outdoors and remember how exciting it can be to live in the moment pursuing something brilliant!

Another little secret...plant some moon flowers in your backyard to make a wonderful evening garden!  These are a morning glory looking vine with big white flowers that blossom in the moonlight and smell like Easter lilies...ask your local greenhouse to order some for you because they are totally worth it!