Friday, May 27, 2011

neat freak

Nothing comes from without.
All things come from within.
Neville Goddard, 1905-1972, Author Confession...even as a small child, I loved to room, my crayons, my clothes, my toys. Everything was in its place often in rainbow colored order because it just looks and feels better that way. My babysitter calls me the Neat Freak because I am always arranging and tidying. My attachment to order is getting refined by a Universe with a great sense of humor ...sending me three little beings to help me transcend this order thing...pronto!To them order distracts from the creative process...from self-expression...from "being a kid." I wonder about this sometimes...does my need for order curtail my joie de vivre? or is it teaching my children to be responsible to know where their things are? How can our worlds be in harmony when our outer expressions are so different?This weekend I spent hours cleaning out their spaces...finding things like Oreo wrappers, treasures from afternoon excursions, all my missing pairs of scissors, the sunscreen, the Scotch tape, the lost Phillips head screwdriver...they were trying to take down the ladder from their bunk bed...hmm. I had found that black hole in my universe where all things disappeared. In the beginning I was getting really frustrated because they obviously didn't get my gene in this department...but after a while, I had to laugh and try to see it through their eyes. I think it was when I found a pair of underwear tucked inside a small safe...well, you never know when you might need a spare!
When all was sparkling clean, I heard the sounds of excited voices..the kids were back and though they loved their clean rooms, they couldn't wait to play in them. I guess my sense of order sparks their creative process...and that is kind of cool...because home is where you need to feel you have a place and room to create. It is an inner balance of both the harmony of order and freedom to explore the limits. It was time to stop cleaning and join in the fun!


Lindsay said...

Just catching up on my blog reading, and I'm glad to see you are posting again. I think you hit it right on the money--people, maybe even especially children, thrive in order. Remember, God first put Adam and Eve in a garden, not a wilderness! But in a fallen world, maintaining order is a struggle and finding peace when we have to let things go in order to attend other more important things is part of the struggle as well. I think Erma Bombeck said something along the lines of housekeeping being like putting beads on a string with no knot. You could do it non stop and still never be finished!