Sunday, December 2, 2012

my world in 24 x 72 inches

Stories are the landscape of our lives. 
If the gods can commit acts of frailty,
then humans can have acts of the divine.
Alanna Kaivalya, teacher of yoga
This weekend I participated in a yoga seminar with Alanna Kaivalya...of course it was a weekend when I had about fifteen irons in the fire that I would schedule one more thing. 
It was absolutely life changing. 
It was tough to get there on a busy weekend...I felt moments when my core was being rubbed raw by my own frustrations and limiting thoughts...breathe through the pose...initially there were teardrops on my yoga mat because it was too much all at once. Moving through the postures (asanas) and the sacred teachings (sutras), I realized that despite all the searching and yearning to find the answers...all the time my truth has been within me. Freedom!  Profound! Exhausting! Enlightening!  What a joy to discover such gifts (presence) inside!  Here are some threads of wisdom to share with you...
Yoga is an mystical practice that teaches you to go internally and seek the eternal truths.
Every fear boils down to a fear of death.  Realize this is the way to release yourself into fearlessness.  There is a piece of us that will never is our spirit or that which animates the body.
Suffering occurs in the mind.  Pain is inevitable. 
Suffering is optional.
Follow your bliss, go with what speaks to and inspires you
...this is what will free you.
What are the myths by which you are living?
What is it that inspires you, enlivens you
and connects you to your story?
Yoga does not look outside for solutions.  It goes inside where there can be a shift in perception where the problem becomes an opportunity...the revealer of possibilities.
Whatever I want to change in the world,
I can do it by changing one  -Byron Katie
The most valuable sources and resources come from within.  How about upgrading yourself to new thoughts instead of replaying those from the past or those of your worry?
The Source is in the heart...a little fire in the center or right side of the heart. 
It has been there all along and will not leave you. 
There is no need to go outside of ourselves because everything we need is within us.
Our best friends will be able to see without a doubt that we are capable of doing anything...
it is only when we believe in ourselves that we become the hero of our own story.
We are here to negotiate the relationships between heaven and earth--feet are on the earth, head is in heaven and the heart is where the negotiation happens.
Bad things happen in life...
this is the time to become the warrior.
A yogi explores both the light and the dark...
it is in the dark that we discover who we are.
You have to learn to lean into the sharp the yogi who lays on a bed of being fully there and balanced, there is no pain.  When we go into it gingerly,
we cannot do it and we feel the great pain.
When you do not bring forth the desire of your heart,
it will destroy you.
The stretching and bending in yoga tells you where you are tight and restricted in life as all the body has corresponding Chakras or energy centers which brings forth knowledge of our lives.
Yoga is the natural state.
There is no where to go, no where to be, and nothing to do. 
There is no graduation.
Yoga is the awareness of the present moment and
that all your power is NOW!
 Enlightenment happens for moments at a time and after awhile of practice it is always there.  But it is no big deal--you just finally realize who you are.  You still have to pay the bills and take out the trash.  It is becoming awesomely aware of everything and being okay with it.
Rip off all the layers, patterns, habits, guilts and judgments of yourself...
the more you peel off the easier yoga can come forth. 
Ignorance is believing that
we are anything other than divine.
We all have a thought train racing in our brain.  Yoga practice allows you to see the spaces in between the cargo, then to remove the cargo, and to slow down the train so you can see the world beyond your thoughts.
All animals are intrinsically afraid of fire and run away from was when man ran toward the fire and harnessed it to make something useful that the world evolved.  Don't run away from the fear; go into the dark will see who you are.  You cannot be destroyed. 
Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
Breathe in even patterns and bring yourself to balance.
Enlightenment isn't pulling yourself away from the challenges of just stop letting things bother you and by doing this, you attract that which you dream and desire.
Enlightenment isn't special or exclusive but about the way you address the things that happen to you.  Change the patterns of your thoughts and change your world.
When disturbed by disturbing thoughts, think the opposite. 
When the event is done, it is done. 
Stop thinking of it and be free!
The answer is already there for you when you
come with the question.
To know and not to do is really not yet to know.--Buddha
And my million dollar question...did any of the enlightened masters have children?  The answer was very if you have children like me, there is our work and  there are our teachers!!  Like Alanna's dog Roxie, they will speak to keep us on the path! Namaste!!

P.S. 24 x 72 is the size of an average yoga mat!